Thursday, December 16, 2010


December 16th, 2010

I'm officially a slacker. The most action my blog has gotten in the past month is some idiot calling me ugly. But hey, I guess you can't please everyone... maybe I should start following that plastic surgery trend...

Nah, I'm too confident for that mess.

Instead of the same old, same old- I'm going old school tonight and visiting a movie I saw over the weekend- a movie that I feel is very underrated for how good it actually was. Or, at least, how good I thought it was.


That's right- my future husband sat through a Johnny Depp movie with me without complaining. The last time we accomplished that was, well, never. He even complained during Public Enemies- and there was a fair amount of bloodshed in that movie.

(I take that back... he actually did like Sweeney Todd, believe it or not. But that psychological experiment is saved for another day.)

The Tourist was actually quite good. I'm not sure if it deserved those Golden Globe nods, but it certainly deserves some sort of recognition. The writing alone was superb. The acting was spot on. And Venice... God, that made me want to move to Italy.

The movie starts out with a bunch of police-type guys keeping an eye on Angelina Jolie. It's not that hard- she struts her stuff through the city, has breakfast at a gorgeous cafe, and does it all in a pair of stylish heels. It's when she receives a letter from her mysterious lover that all hell breaks loose, and we're sent on a whirlwind adventure.

The letter instructs Angelina's character, Elise, to find a man with an identical look to her lover on a train. The point is to distract the police from who he really is. It works, but only temporarily, and soon we discover that not only is the law after this faceless man, but so is the mob. And they're fairly certain that Frank (Johnny Depp) is their man. After some humorous chases and daring rescues on the part of Elise... the plot thickens. The good guys encounter the bad guys. And we finally discover not only who Elise's mystery man is, but also who Frank really is.

It's a twisted, fun romantic tale that takes you in every which direction before landing in an unlikely spot. Skeptics may say that the ending is predictable, the plot has a billion holes- but you know what I say? WHO CARES. If you don't go and enjoy a fun movie once in awhile, which is definitely what this is, you're not going to appreciate it when the Academy Award winners come along.

In conclusion- go and see it with a date. Or watch it on DVD when it's released. Either way, it's worth your time- and any amount of time spent with Johnny Depp is A-OK in my book.

Peace, Love and Heartbreak ♥

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