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EXCLUSIVE: Interviews with Adam Green, Rileah Vanderbilt and Kane Hodder

October 7th, 2010

I think this is a new record for me. Two posts in one day- woot woot!

The original plan was to post an article about director Adam Green on (you know, I’m their resident chick). But it turned out to be more than that. I discovered a lot more about Adam than I could fit into a single article. And with Hatchet II being prematurely pulled from AMC Theaters (see my previous blog post) I feel the need to spread his word just about everywhere- including my awesome blog.

I compiled the remainder of my interview with Adam, his awesome wife Rileah Vanderbilt (I raved about her Geek & Gamer Girls video a couple of weeks ago), and the legendary Kane Hodder (who I had the pleasure of meeting last weekend), into this blog post.

That’s right- it’s like the added features on a DVD, only you get to look at my awesomeness the entire time.

Here we go.

Andrea: Two words Adam- why Hollywood?

Courtesy of Ama Reeves!

Adam: “It was this or nothing. One of the best pieces of advice that I give people is that if you have a fall back or something else, I would do that. This life is a miserable existence for a lot of people, and few of us actually make careers out of it.”

Adam also said his love of entertainment and movies came from the ‘little boy need for attention.’

Adam: “I did drama club, I did plays, I had a band, I had a radio show, I just wanted to do all of it. I always liked entertaining. I think at the end of the day, for all filmmakers, it boils down to that ‘hey mom, look at me’ thing. Thankfully I still have a mom who likes to look.”

Andrea: I heard you have a thing for Spielberg. Dish.

Adam: “I [look up]to him both as an artist and a human being. I think he is, without a doubt, the greatest filmmaker of all time. Definitely the greatest storyteller. Everything he’s done, I love.”

Without a single prompt, Rileah added to the Spielberg obsession during her interview.

Rileah: “He loves Steven Spielberg movies. You wouldn’t think this coming from a horror guy, but he loves those films. One night I came home and he was sitting on the couch with Jurassic Park on. The sound was so loud that I don’t even think he heard me come in. I look over and tears were literally coming down his face. I was like ‘are you crying?’ and he goes, ‘this movie is so good!’”

Adam: “I’m also impressed with how he handles himself personally. Being such a huge star, you never see him screwing up or anything. He’s always humble and comes off as very intelligent, very nice. He’s always been someone to look up to.”

Adam’s other influences? Notably Guillermo del Toro and Chris Colombus- who doesn’t love those guys?

Andrea: What are some of the misconceptions people have about what you do?

Adam: “A common mistake people make is that they think the director is making the movie. But he’s not. It’s the crew. You’re leading all of these personalities in one direction. I [also] think that about 10% of directing is actual directing, and 90% of it is absolute bullshit and politics. When a movie turns out the way you want it to, it’s remarkable after all the things you go through to get it made.”

Adam has had a constant struggle with the MPAA over the years- first with the original Hatchet, and more recently with the sequel.

Kane: “How can you allow a group of anonymous people to dictate what is shown in a movie theater? No one likes censorship.”

Rileah: “I’m all for a ratings system- but it needs to be fair. The way it is now, that just isn’t the case.”

Andrea: You two (Rileah and Adam) work together a lot. How does that fit into your marriage?

Rileah: “Collaborating with him is really great. We keep it really professional on set. We both have our jobs to do and sometimes it’s really surprising for people when they find out we’re together.”

Adam: “She’s always a part of it. I think one of the reasons we succeed as a couple is because she works in the industry and understands what I’m going through. After awhile, anyone else just wouldn’t get it anymore.”

Rileah: “You can appreciate each other better because I get it. If I was a school teacher, I might not understand [what he does] or goes through. It’s nice to come home and have someone who understands. It just takes a little extra work on both our parts.”

Andrea: Adam, back when I did The Splat Pack article for BD (in August of 2010), you mentioned a story that tugged at my heart. There were three soldiers in Afghanistan that watched Hatchet to kind of ‘escape,’ and one of them died in combat.

I didn’t even get the question out before Adam jumped into one of the most heartfelt conversations I’ve had with just about anyone.

Adam: “Fans [like that] take it to a different level, one that the average autograph hound doesn’t. But you take it home with you- and that’s the hardest part.”

Adam recalled the moment when someone came to him regarding a child who was dying of leukemia.

Adam: “It wasn’t enough to just send a bunch of stuff, I had to like get the phone number and call the hospital. I can’t let that stuff go. But, it’s the most rewarding part of the job. I’m very lucky I do what I do and can have moments like that. That’s what makes it OK when a critic comes after you or some asshole on a message board wants to try and insult you. It’s like, come on, take your best shot- you have no idea how happy I actually am.”

Since the story of the soldiers, and even before, Adam’s always had a soft spot for the military.

Adam: “I’m really sentimental when it comes to the military. I’m always the guy at the airport that if I see someone in uniform I have to walk up and say thank you. I never forget that there are people putting themselves in harm’s way.”

Andrea: Hatchet was downloaded over 150,000 times online. It was almost equal to what the film made at the box office. What are your thoughts on that?

Adam: “It’s no different than shoplifting, but most people don’t care. The people who download [movies] don’t even watch them right. They watch them on their phone. Their computer. And then they pass judgment on them. At least with a DVD or Blu-Ray you have a decent television where you can actually see what we did. A movie is picture and sound- if you don’t see it the way it’s meant to be watched, how can you ever get into it?”

Andrea: Kane, how do you prepare for a role like Victor Crowley or Jason Voorhees?

Kane: “I just tend to do what feels natural without over thinking it. It doesn’t look like I’m acting, which is pretty hard to do with that kind of character, when you can’t use your voice. I don’t really prepare too much. Going from my personality to Jason or Victor is not a long trip, it’s not hard for me to do.”

Andrea: Here’s the fun one you guys have heard a million times- who would win, Jason Voorhees or Victor Crowley?

Adam: “Victor Crowley. Especially once people see HATCHET II and see how he works and who Victor Crowley really is, I don’t know if anybody could really fuck with him. Jason has 11 movies, 12 if you count the remake, and I think with only two movies Victor has proven to be far more brutal and scary and his deaths are more over the top, and much more inventive. Most of Jason’s deaths were just stabbing people, I mean, who cares?”

Adam couldn’t help but throw in- “Of course, then again, it’s my character- I have to say that, what else am I going to say?”

Rileah: “Victor. Jason only has a couple of different kills. He’s not the smartest guy on the block. I feel like, with Victor, there’s intelligence behind it. He comes up with these awesome deaths. Who thinks to grab a belt sander and take a girl’s face off? I think he’s got a full bag of tricks.”

Then there was Kane. He’s been both. He’s played Jason. He’s played Victor. More than once, actually. But he didn’t hesitate to crown Victor the king of the kills.

Kane: “Some of Jason’s deaths were brutal, but Victor surpasses him.”

Even more so than the other questions- it’s Rileah’s compassion, as a partner in life and work, that describes Adam the best.

Rileah: “He just loves good things. I think that’s the biggest thing about Adam- he just loves things that are good. He tries to find the good in everybody no matter who they are. I really think the universe is helping him out because he’s helping himself out.”

For more info, please make sure you’ve read FEAR FILE #1- ADAM GREEN V. THE WORLD on BLOODY DISGUSTING.COM.

Kane Hodder’s book will be released next year. For more information on “the world’s most prolific, cinematic killer” (and a pretty awesome guy), visit the website:

You should also check out Rileah’s GEEK AND GAMER GIRLS video- I can send you the link if you need it.

And, of course, remember FROZEN and HATCHET on Blu-Ray. And when HATCHET II makes the rounds, take a look- it’s worth your time. Adam Green is a genius and didn’t deserve what happened to him. Make your voice heard- let’s prevent future censorship in horror and all genres.

Peace, Love and Heartbreak ♥

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