Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wear Your Glasses!

July 6th, 2010

I'm not talking about those broad rim glasses your mother wore in her high school yearbook photo. I'm talking about those paper thin, cheap plastic, odd colored contraptions that everyone seems to own these days.

3D Glasses.

It's the latest phenomena at the local movie theatre. Hell, it's now invading our living rooms thanks to television companies like Sony who are rapidly introducing 3D flat panels.

But is it the latest in entertainment, or just a way to make money?

I've personally avoided the 3D wave. It all started with Avatar and went downhill from there. The Final Destination, The Last Airbender, and even the last two films of the Harry Potter series are all in 3D. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the upcoming, dreaded, Saw 7 3D!

If only that were a joke...

What in the hell happened to regular movies? Are they becoming a thing of the past?

I hope not. I personally think 3D is obnoxious and should be saved for amusement park rides and those Magic Eye books I had as a kid. If I'm going to the movies, I'm going to relax and enjoy the film- not feel as if I'm really there. It's cool and everything, but it's not for me.

At ADA, our talent manager can't even sit through one of those films. It makes her physically sick. I'm the same way- it's like an intense motion sickness. The same feeling you may get from a roller coaster. 

3D is nothing more than a marketing genius. The glasses cost money (I know they're free in some cases, but if you want decent ones you'll go to the store or the Internet). The tickets are an extra two bucks on top of already rising prices. And $3,000 will get you a decent television to view these pieces of crap. Sounds like nothing more than a cash cow to me.

Many have said that 3D is going to become a standard for movie theatres, and possibly in the home. I am taking the time to beg these film companies- keep the standards that we know and love. Throw in a mix of 3D films, but keep 2D on the market. Either way, it's Hollywood, and you're going to make money. Movies have been around for a long time- and 3D wasn't even a nightmare when Gone With The Wind, The Godfather or even Titanic hit theatres. And each of those films continue to do what they were made to do- entertain.

Fuck 3D. The end.

Peace, Love and Heartbreak ♥


Will said...

Great post as usual. Two things wrong with it though.
1. "The Final Destination" came out BEFORE "Avatar". The best examples of 3D taking full effect would probably be "Bolt", "Coraline" and "Monsters Vs. Aliens", which all also came out before "Avatar".
2. It was just announced that "Titanic" will be re-released in 3D for 2012.

Keep up the good work here!

Andi said...

I was just randomly naming films BUT you're absolutely right- if they're going to release 3D films, I'd rather see it for kids. (Toy Story was pretty awesome, by the way.)

Releasing Titanic AGAIN in 3D is another prime example of why this shit is just for money. They should be putting Titanic on Blu-Ray and James Cameron should stop milking the cash cow. It amazes me how a genius of a man can be so dumb at times.

Anonymous said...

ok, time for some 'kevetching'...i actually bought one of those $3,000 t.v sets from sony. they give you 2 free glasses. 2. do you know how much a pair of glasses cost if you want to buy more? $250!!! they are marketed for KIDS. KIDS.BREAK.SHIT! or heaven forbid you would like to have more then one friend over for movie night at a time...

Andi said...

Holy shit! $250 for a pair of glasses? Get the fuck outta my blog!

Just kidding- but seriously, just another example of how 3D films are nothing but cash cows.