Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's... THE LIST

August 19th, 2010

So... as usual, I've overloaded myself with work and neglected my blog. I know. I'm a piece of shit. Shoot me. (Actually, don't, I'm too busy to die!)

The past week has been kind of surreal. I started my job at Bloody-Disgusting. I've created a new enemy- one that battle peacocks with the scroll of a keyboard. I quickly learned that horror directors are my true personality match. Oh yes, and then there's this little thing called The SCRIPTOID Writer's Challenge that's kind of taken over my life.

Moving on.

I sat in front of the computer for nearly an hour before writing this. I had no fucking idea what to write about. Since a huge post will be coming out tomorrow in honor of my boys at Wyrd Studios, I had to back track a little and come up with something original.

Thus, I'm presenting to the world a list of my top ten favorite films of all time. Mundane? Maybe- but it's the best I could come up with this late at night on a belly full of Taco Ding-Dong.

10. The Exorcist
I saw this movie for the first time when I was thirteen- and it scared the shit out of me. How can you have seen the world in the same light after watching Linda Blair in her puking-head spinning-zit faced state? Yeah, I didn't think so.

9. Scarface
This film gets me every time. It's violent as shit (I hope you're starting to see a trend. I LOVE violence.). It's thought provoking. It's disturbing. It's everything I love in film. And how can you forget Pacino's iconic line-- "Say hello to my little friend!"

8. The SAW Franchise
I can't pick just one. And after having my chance to tell director Darren Lynn Bousman that I threw up during Saw III, it definitely had to make the list.

7. Scream
A lot of people I know make fun of this movie. I've even been known to throw a few jokes around about it. But think about the premise- a slasher flick. It had all of the elements, the scares, throw in some humor and it's one of those films that sticks with you. I'd love to be in a threesome with Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven... wait, did I say that right?

6. Avatar
In the beginning, I protested the film. I refused to fall into the trap and watch it in theaters, especially after seeing a random interview on CNN where a fan said the film makes you want to die because Earth's colors aren't as brilliant. That's always a giant red flag for me- when some weirdo endorses James Cameron. But I finally watched it on Blu-Ray and fell in love. I didn't return it to Netflix for a good two weeks. But now I have my own copy and I'll be in theaters to watch the re-release. (I know I'm a nerd, you don't have to call me out on it.)

5. Friday the 13th
The original, not that bullshit remake from a couple of years ago. The fact that the killer was a woman never dies. No pun intended.

4. Casino
I'm a sucker for Scorcese. I think he's GOD when it comes to crime movies. But Casino beats all the others. I don't know if it's Pesci's foul mouth, DeNiro's slick suits, or the fact that Stone plays such a good bitch-- either way, the film is one I keep in constant rotation.

3. Hatchet
Mix comedy with some blood and guts and I'm in. Better yet- add an actual plot and you've got a winner. I love myself some Victor Crowley.

2. Titanic
Don't laugh. I threw a fucking historical romance in the middle of a bunch of grit- but I think you guys forget I am, first and foremost, a GIRL. I love Jack and Rose. I laugh everytime they dance a jig. I cry when the boat sinks. I could watch that movie a million times and everytime it makes me fall in love.

1. Hostel
And it's not just because I think Eli Roth looks hot swinging around a baseball bat- this movie is amazing. From the first frame you're taken back by the premise, the characters, the gore- it's everything that a great horror film should be. Shit, what a great film period should be.

And there you have it- a little glimpse into my top ten favorites. I might mix them around from time to time, but the titles never change- and that's how I roll.

Peace, Love and Heartbreak ♥


evil_fairydust said...

I think you are my long lost best friend.

"I'm beginning to think blood gets me up in the morning." Brilliant!

Andi said...

It's not everyday I meet another girl who has a thirst for blood like I do!

Mwahahahahahaha- saw you found me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Rock on- don't be a stranger!