Friday, June 18, 2010


June 18th, 2010

Let's face it-- Hollywood is NOT original. Everything that everyone makes is a duplicate of someone else's masterpiece. Don't hate- just accept it.

Going into the business, every screenwriter, filmmaker, mogul and local sex pot thinks they have the next big idea.

An alien invades Earth.
A bunch of campers get massacred.
Two friends are forced apart by the same lover.

Blah, blah, blah.

Here's the best part about these pitches- the ultimate line that cements the deal:
"It's like this- but different."

That's ALL THAT HOLLYWOOD IS- a big conception of what something is, only different.
I'll explain.

Look at the film Taken. Back on my Liam Neeson kick, I think that movie rocked. How can you not love a sexy, older gentleman kicking some major ass to save his daughter? I think you should be buried alive if that one didn't catch your attention.

As expected, the film grossed high, made a lot of waves, and impressed many producers. This all happened around the time I jumped on board with ADA Management Group.

So what do you think those companies were asking us for in the development department?

"We want Taken- only different."

I hate to break it to you, but look at the stream of films that followed: Law Abiding Citizen, Edge of Darkness... no reason to name drop from here. I'm sure you get the picture.

My biggest complaint is that Hollywood lacks originality. Most films that do have that one-of-a-kind idea generally get pushed into the film festival circuit and either don't go commercial or never reach the success of, say, The Karate Kid. It's sad, considering this was once a business that loved to knock down doors, jump off cliffs, and push a few buttons here and there.

(On a side note- I'd like to thank the Academy, not for my future award, but for giving The Hurt Locker what it deserved. Loved Avatar, but it's about time someone told James Cameron and his CGI to screw off.)

Call me crazy- but the artists behind these amazing films deserve more than credit. They deserve careers.

My favorite film of the past five years, Hostel, was probably the most original idea Hollywood has had in a long time. Eli Roth took us to new levels of fear and pain. Cabin Fever was pretty uncomfortable, but he truly broke boundaries with the look, feel and story of Hostel. It sure made me think twice about backpacking through Europe.

YOU- the new generation- needs to fix this. We need more Eli Roths. We need more Diable Codys. We need those movies that make us squirm, laugh and cry. And more importantly, producers need to take notice and realize that those original ideas are what drive Hollywood.

YOU drive Hollywood. And James Cameron- with his submarines.

Peace, Love, and Heartbreak ♥


Will said...

This was spot on except for one part alone...saying "Hostel" was original. Though I'm sure the Bear Jew himself took pain to a new level here, calling it original may be far-reaching. Look at "Saw" and "House of Wax". Both film examined new, unique ways of torturing people, just like "Hostel". The difference? "Saw" and "House of Wax" didn't build their story around it. In fact, saying "Hostel" had a story could be generous.

But once again, I am only one man, and this is my opinion.

Andi said...

Here's the thing- I LOVED Saw. It's definitely one of those movies that makes you sit back and think- wow, whoever came up with this is a master.

The only reason I wouldn't call this my favorite of the past five years is for one reason alone- it's been overdone. The need to make a new SAW every year has just killed it for me. At least Eli Roth knew to stop at #2 (because the sequal was definitely ho-hum).

But you did point it out- Hostel built it's story around the torture. THAT'S what made it different- but, in no way does my opinion discredit any other recent horror films.

Glad you agreed though- Hollywood is in desperate need of originality. :)