Thursday, June 17, 2010

The A*Team-- Is It a Bust?

June 17th, 2010

Thursday. Movie of the Week. I'll spare you the dramatic, unncessary introduction...

Last weekend, my honey and I took advantage of boredom and raided the local movie theatre. We bought overpriced drinks, snuck in some candy, and sat down to enjoy The A-Team.

Yup, these guys-

Being that I'm a normal, living, breathing female in my twenties, I wanted to see this film based on one thing and one thing alone- Bradley Cooper. He's beautiful and I have no problem watching any film he's a part of.


But that has nothing to do with the film. Hell, before that day I didn't even know what an 'A-Team' was. I quickly learned that it was a pretty cool show. Generally, with movies and remakes, that means one of two things:

1. Hollywood did a decent job at modernizing/remaking the concept.
2. They fucked it up.

Considering I've never seen the original show, I can't say that they screwed it up. But I will tell you this- it was entertaining, funny in some parts, and worth the late-night viewing. If there was a line though, I probably wouldn't have stood in it.

Here's the thing- from an action/adventure view, it was great. High concept, very visual- but the character development was slow, even though the writers slightly redeemed themselves in the end. The best part was probably watching Rampage act... hey, after that fight a couple of weeks back he had to save face somehow. D'oh!


Liam Neeson- Amazing... as usual.
Special Effects- Come on now, didn't put that part in the budget?
The Villian(s)- Highly unbelievable
Bradley Cooper- Gorgeous... as usual.

I see two reasons to go and check out the film- but if you're looking for a five-star review, maybe this one better wait for DVD.

Peace, Love and Heartbreak ♥

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Will said...

So perhaps I'm more of a guy than I previously realized, but I really liked "The A-Team". For my full review of it, check out my blog.